It is with the heart that one sees rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery, , French Aviator

I was born on Christmas in southern India. At my eight i moved to Myladuthurai, where I received an excellent education thanks to the wonderful teachers and professors I had in school and college in Chennai, India. I started the basics of graphic designing with the paper works, when i was introduced to online through my friends i started my trials.

Started rendering my career as a hardware and networking trainee in 2001 and end up as a Graphic and Web designer by 2003 and still running the highway with the technology.

I became fascinated with almost everything digital. I consider myself a self-taught graphic and web designer. Graphic design is an idea with visualizing for solving the problem in communication and its a long process with several questions.

To answer it, i always try to learn as much about the needs, services, products, goals of my clients as much i can to have a view of who they are and where they need to travel. The information gathering leads to the process of finding the solutions to sove the problems. I prefer simple, elegant, smart and clean uncluttered designs will be a more effective.